‘step in stone’

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Getting ready for my next project, house in a complete mess!


‘step in stone’ is a collaborative, multi-stranded art trail around 3 disused and working quarries in the East Mendips, illuminating these spectacular, hidden landscapes while exploring Somerset’s heritage and beauty.
Fourteen artists, all with connections to South West England, are creating a series of site-specific, temporary artworks for a curated trail in response to the nature of quarries and their place in the cultural and industrial heritage of the region. Contemporary sculpture, land art, photography, textiles, painting, drawing, sound, spatial poetry and printmaking will be installed within these environments, aiming to surprise, delight, challenge, fascinate and inform. A programme of
workshops, guided walks and artist talks will be offered to the public, in collaboration with Somerset Art Works, Somerset Wildlife Trust, Somerset Earth Science Centre and Mendip Hills AONB. Black Swan Arts, Frome Museum and Somerset Earth Science Centre will host indoor exhibitions by the featured artists, culminating in the finale during Somerset Art Weeks Festival ’15.

Free public access to all venues during specified opening times. Guides are not essential.

Step 1: 8 July – 17 Oct – Somerset Earth Science Centre (SESC), Moons Hill Quarry, Stoke St. Michael BA3 5JU Tel: 01749 840156 (open to public every Weds 9am-4pm; and for special events)

Step 2: 15 Aug – 18 Oct – Halecombe quarry, Leigh-on-Mendip BA11 3RD map ref ST702 475; Westdown/Asham quarry, nr Chantry BA11 3LY map ref: ST716 461(open 7 days a week, daylight hours)

Step 3: 3 – 18 Oct, finale fortnight tying in with Somerset Art Weeks Festival ’15 & Momentum programme – Fairy Cave Quarry, Limekiln Lane, nr Oakhill, BA3 5JG map ref: ST656 476 (open 11am-6pm daily); Black Swan Arts Centre (BSA), 2 Bridge Street, Frome BA11 1BB Tel: 01373 473980 (open 10am-4pm Mon – Sat, open Sun 4th, closed Suns 11th, 18th) and Frome Museum, North Parade, Frome BA11 1AT Tel: 01373 454611 (open 10am-2pm Tues – Sat, open Sun 4th, closed Suns 11th, 18th)


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