New work ‘step in stone’, Mendips, Somerset UK

Lest We Forget: is enough enough?

Materials: timber chairs, plastic, grass seed, soil, water string

New work at ‘step in stone’ stage 2 held in the stunning site of the decommissioned limestone quarry at Westdown/Asham Quarry in the Mendip Hills in Somerset UK.

Westdown/Asham Quarry – near Chantry, BA11 3LY (don’t rely on google maps it will take you to the other side of the fields, check for signs)
Map ref: ST716461 (see google map link)
Open 7days a week, daylight hours

Check web site for details

SM Lest We Forget 14SM Lest We Forget 8aLest We Forget 7SM Lest We Forget chair2SM Lest We Forget chairSM Lest We Forget distant2Lest We Forget19SM Lest We Forget 16Lest We Forget18SM Lest We Forget13SM Lest We Forget pyramid 2c

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