New work ‘step in stone’, Mendips, Somerset UK

Lest We Forget: is enough enough? Materials: timber chairs, plastic, grass seed, soil, water string New work at ‘step in stone’ stage 2 held in the stunning site of the decommissioned limestone quarry at Westdown/Asham Quarry in the Mendip Hills in Somerset UK. Westdown/Asham Quarry – near Chantry, BA11 3LY (don’t rely on google maps itContinue reading “New work ‘step in stone’, Mendips, Somerset UK”

Setting up ‘step in stone’ quarry project UK

Stage 2 openings today at Westdown Quarry and its a glorious day! Come down today and check out my grass growing chairs in “Lest We Forget: is enough enough?” Materials: wheat grass, soil, timber chairs, plastic, water, rocks, glass-fibre rods, string First image of finished work last night, light was fading, rain easing, better imagesContinue reading “Setting up ‘step in stone’ quarry project UK”