International Sculpture Festival 2012 KYIV, Ukraine

At the Table: are we sitting comfortably? II

International Sculpture Festival 2012
Kyiv Sculpture Project  & Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Kyiv Botanic Gardens, Ukraine


At the Table: are we sitting comfortably? II
Materials: timber furniture, hessian, soil, grass seed, sand & plastic

Kyiv Sculpture Project (Kiev, Ukraine) in Partnership with Yorkshire Sculpture Park UK

This new interpretation of:  At the Table: are we sitting comfortably? II  is a very different work to the original with each piece of furniture separated & sealed within its own plastic bag. Condensation forms on the plastic’s surface & the grass grew for many weeks. A table & chairs are culturally symbolic for the sharing of meals/a family meeting place, or a place to present, discuss & review ideas/opinions. Phrases such as “on the table” or “turn the tables” emphasis the metaphorical use of the word table. Famous table scenes come to mind, like Miss Haversham’s decaying wedding feast in Great Expectations, or the Mad Hatter’s tea party in Alice in Wonderland, King Arthur’s table of wisdom The Round Table or Jesus’s Last-supper.The more we have the less we own” Meister Eckhart






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