“Lest We Forget: precious vestige II” INTERNATIONAL FOREST ART, Damstardt, GERMANY. September 2022


Kidall travels internationally creating her vast site-responsive interventions within challenging locations and buildings of interest, showing beyond the restraints of the gallery. Since gaining her Sculpture (Hons) Degree at Norwich School of Art, UK, later completing her Masters at Portsmouth University, UK, Kidall has worked consistently in developing her international arts practice. She has exhibited throughout the UK and Australia, also, USA, Senegal, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Ukraine, S.Korea, New Zealand, India, Andorra, Netherlands.​

In 2022 she created a number of new immersive site-responsive installations, including one for Dakar OFF 22, as part of the Dakar Biennale, Senegal, RespirArt 2022, Italy; and for the International Forest Art 2022, Darmstadt, Germany. The ragged exposed cliff tops at SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi, Australia, have offered a number of challenging sites to create 9 installations over the last 15 year. In 2022, John McDonald from the Sydney Morning Herald picked her installation ‘Bunker Down’ as one of the top 6 works. She has receiving various awards from Sculpture by the Sea including the recent Transfield Invited Australian Sculpture Award  2022.

She was selected for the BOAA_Biennale of Australian Artists in Victoria 2018, 2012 she representing Australia in Kiev, Ukraine at the inaugural International Contemporary Sculpture Festival in collaboration with Yorkshire Sculpture Park, UK, 2015 Kidall was the feature artist for “Step In Stone” an ambitious sculpture trail funded by the Arts Council England sited in abandoned stone quarries in Somerset, UK, 2017 she was invited to participate in the “Global Nomadic Art Project” Residency (GNAP) in the Loire Valley France and “The Story of Space” in Panjim, India, plus made an installation for the Museum of Goa, India, 2019 she was invited to create a work for Ground Speak LandArt on Schokland Island, Netherlands & created a work for the the Andorra LandArt Biennale 2019.  In 2014, 2018 & 2022 she created works in the spectacular arid landscape in South Australia, for the Palmer Sculpture Biennale.

Kidall is one of the members of ZAC_Zest Artist Collective an international collaboration of 5 artists created during the COVID pandemic 2020.

Kidall has lectured at University of NSW (UNSW) and University of Technology (UTS), Sydney in Exhibition Design & Sustainability, for the Interior Architecture BA, Industrial Design BA and lectured at University College of the Creative Arts (UCCA) Surrey, UK with Industrial Design/Sustainable Futures BA. Previously, while maintain her art practice, she has many years of experience working in community arts and with architectural firms as an Interior Designer in design and project management.

  • 2007 PGC. Cert. HE Teaching & Learning Creative Art, UCCA Farnham, Surrey, UK
  • 1990 Diploma of Arts (Interior Design), TAFE: DESIGN CENTRE, ENMORE, AUSTRALIA
  • 1983 BA (Hons) Degree Visual Arts (Sculpture), NORWICH SCHOOL OF ART, NORFOLK, UK
  • 2022 “Bunker Down: survival of the fittest” SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi, Sydney, AUSTRALIA, 2022, TRANSFIELD INVITED AUSTRALIAN ARTIST AWARD
  • 2022 “An Intimate Dialogue” SNOWY VALLEYS SCULPTURE TRAIL_Shop Installation, Commissioned by Sculpture by the Sea, 2022 – 2023
  • 2022 “Lest We Forget: precious vestige II” INTERNATIONAL FOREST ART, Damstadt, GERMANY.
  • 2022 “Residenz Insecta” RESPIRART 2022, ITALY (as part of ZAC artist collective)
  • 2022 “Barrier” IN BETWEEN, SPAIN (as part of ZAC artist collective)
  • 2022 “Containment” OFF Darkart 2022, Dakar, SENEGAL (as part of ZAC-Zest Artists Collective) Dakar Biennale 22
  • 2022 “Running Dry” PALMER BIENNIAL, South Australia 2022
  • 2021 “Unearthed Seed Bank” Eden Unearthed 2021, Eden Gardens, Macquarie Park
  • 2020 “Urban Containment II”
  • 2019 “Urban Containment”
  • 2019 “Portable Containment: emergence” Commission for
    2019 I-Park_Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale, Connecticut, USA
  • 2019 “Lest we forget: precious vestige” Commission for
    L’ANDART’19 International Biennial of Andorra, ANDORRA
  • 2019 “Portable Containment: displacement” Commission for
  • 2019 “Portable Containment: where are we going continues…?” Commission for EDGE/Greenway Festival, Innerwest Council, Sydney, AUS
    Winner of the IWC Environmental Art Award 2019 
  • 2018 “Confluence” display of a performance video in collaboration with Cherie Sampson (USA),  GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE 2018 _YATOO, City of Gongju, KOREA
  • 2018 “Portable Containment: where are we going?”  BIENNALE OF AUSTRALIAN ART, Ballarat, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  • 2018 “Portable Containment: urban sprawl”  EDEN UNEARTHED 2018_ commissionSydney, AUSTRALIA
  • 2018 “Portable Containment: vestige”  PALMER BIENNALE, S. AUSTRALIA
  • 2017 “Portable Containment: there’s no place like home”  MUSEUM OF GOA, INDIA
  • 2017 “Facing Space” STORY OF SPACE, collaborative project with Karin van der Molen (Netherlands), Luis Gomes Park, Panjim, INDIA
  • 2017 “Aqua: gold of the future” SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi, AUSTRALIA
  • 2017 “Nomadic City: portable containment” EDEN UNEARTHED 2017_ commissionSydney, AUSTRALIA
  • 2017 “Nomadic Winds: a journey’s rest II” Commission for Old Lilyfield Road Bridge, INNER WEST COUNCIL, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • 2017 “A Fortunate Life: when is enough enough?”  HILL END FESTIVAL, commission by National Parks & Bathurst Regional Gallery
  • 2017 “Portable Containment: cradle to cradle” SCULPTURE AT SCENIC WORLD, Katoomba, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2016 “Nomadic Winds: a journey’s rest” SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi, AUSTRALIA
  • 2016 “One Journey Ends: another begins…?” SCULPTURE AT BARANGAROO _Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • 2016 “In The Bag: when is enough enough?” Commission for Old Lilyfield Road Bridge, LEICHHARDT COUNCIL, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • 2016 “In The Bag: is enough enough?” HARBOURVIEW SCULPTURE TRAIL Auckland, NEW ZEALAND
  • 2015 A feature artist for STEP IN STONE _multi-strand quarry art trail funded by ARTS COUNCIL UK, Mendip Hills, Somerset, UK
        • First Installation: “Lest We Forget: is enough enough?” Westdown Quarry, nr Chantry
        • Second Installation: “Terra Firma: there’s no place like home” Fairy Cave Quarry, nr Oakhill
  • 2015 “There’s No Place Like Home: is enough enough?”  KATOOMBA CULTURAL CENTRE, NSW, AUSTRALIA.
  • 2015 “In the Bag: is the grass greener?”  SCULPTURE AT SCENIC WORLD, Katoomba, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2015 “At the Table: time for action” Commission for  LEICHHARDT COUNICL, Sydney, AUSTRALIA
  • 2014 “The Grass is Always Greener: lest we forget”  AININ TUFIA ARTES SYMPOSIUM/RESIDENCY  Tufia, Gran Canaria, SPAIN
  • 2014  “Nomadic City: lest we forget II”  UWS SCULPTURE AWARDS Campbelltown NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2014 “Nomadic City: lest we forget I”  PALMER SCULPTURE BIENNALE South AUSTRALIA
  • 2013 “Nomadic City: lest we forget II”  SCULPTURE BY THE SEA  Bondi, Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2013 “Nomadic City: lest we forget I”  N.SYDNEY SITE SPECIFIC ART AWARDS,  Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2013 “Nomadic City: lest we forget I”  ON THE SHORE’ Sculpture Prize_Thirroul Festival  NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2013 “At the Table: are we sitting comfortably III”  LEVEL 7 DAVID JONES Sculpture by the Sea, Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2012  “The Grass is Always Greener”  WOLLONGONG CITY GALLERY NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2012  “In the Bag: time will tell”  SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Bondi  Sydney NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2012 “At the Table: are we sitting comfortably II”  INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE FESTIVAL in collaboration with UK’s YORKSHIRE SCULPTURE PARK,  Kiev, UKRAINE
  • 2012 “In the Bag: are we sitting comfortably? II”  UWS SCULPTURE AWARDS Campbelltown, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2012 “In the Bag: time will tell” (first prize)  ‘ON THE SHORE’_Thirroul Festival, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2011 “In the Bag: are we sitting comfortably?”  YERING STATION SCULPTURE AWARDS Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  • 2011 “Staying Afloat: is enough enough? (first prize & peoples choice)  ‘ON THE SHORE’_Thirroul Festival,  NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2010 “At the Table: are we sitting comfortably”  SCULPTURE BY THE SEA  Bondi, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2010 “Affluenza: are you sitting comfortably”  WEEREEWA Sculpture Prize  Lake George, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2009 “Apple Web”  5 LANDS EPHEMERAL ART WALK  Avoca Beach, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2008 “Plug-In”  SCULPTURE BY THE SEA  Bondi, Sydney, NSW, AUSTRALIA
  • 2007 “Cradle to Cradle III”(Chandelier) _Art Vaults 2007 _BARGATE MONUMENT GALLERY  Southampton, UK
  • 2007 “The Experiment II”   STROUD HOUSE GALLERY  Stroud, Gloucestershire UK
  • 2006 “Stepping Lightly” _’Landmarks III ‘  LOWOOD GALLERY  Armathwaite, Cumbria UK
  • 2006 “The Experiment” & “Salt Shirt & Chair”  THE SPACE Gallery  Portsmouth University UK
  • 2021 STA Funded Residency_Shaw Wines_shearing shed, Murrumbateman
  • 2021 BIGCI, Bilpin, NSW. Awarded Residency_Director’s Choice Environmental Prize
  • 2019 I-Park_Site-Responsive Art Residency & Biennale, Connecticut, USA
  • 2017 THE STORY OF SPACE Artist’s Residency Panjim,  INDIA
  • 2017 GNAP_FRANCE (Global Nomadic Art Project) Loire Valley, FRANCE
  • 2017 HILL END Artist’s Residency NSW,  AUSTRALIA
  • 2014 “Bowhill Beckons”  Collaborative Residency in a rural SOUTH AUSTRALIA
  • 2012 INTERNATIONAL SCULPTURE FESTIVAL, Kiev Sculpture Project & Yorkshire Sculpture Park  Kiev, UKRAINE
  • 2007 “Cradle to Cradle III”(Chandelier) _ART VAULTS 2007, BARGATE MONUMENT GALLERY, Southampton, UK
  • 2019 ANDREA STRETTON MEMORIAL INVITATION AWARD_to exhibit at SXS Cottesloe 2020
  • 2019 IWC ENVIRONMENTAL ART AWARD Innerwest Council/Edge Festival, Lilyfield.
  • 2017 & 2019 AUSTRALIA COUNCIL_ARTIST SUBSIDY Sculpture by the Sea
  • 2016 CATALYST FUNDING SUBSIDY Sculpture by the Sea
  • 2016 NSW Gallery_TASKFORCE SUBSIDY, Sculpture by the Sea
  • 2013 ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE AWARD, Sydney Water, Sculpture by the Sea_Bondi
  • FIRST PRIZE 2011, 2012, 2013 ‘ON THE SHORE’ Sculpture Prize, Thirroul Festival
  • 2010 ENVIRONMENTAL SCULPTURE AWARD  ‘ON THE SHORE’ Sculpture Prize, Thirroul Festival
  • 2011  Translations…….ant works II   BRUNSWICK ART SPACE  Melbourne
  • 2010  Translations…….ant works  SHEAHAM GALLERY Clifton, NSW
  • 2007  Cradle to Cradle   BRIGHTON FRINGE FESTIVAL_Media Centre Brighton, Sussex
  • 2017 & 2018_First selection finalist_ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE_Land Art section, VENICE, ITALY
  • 2014 _semi-finalist_Artist In Residency HEADLANDS CENTRE FOR THE ARTS, CALIFORNIA USA

  • 2018 YATOO Geumgang Nature Art Biennale 2018 Video S.KOREA
  • 2017 What’s In The Box? BOAA_traveling show, Victoria, AUSTRALIA
  • 2016 STEP IN STONE _Salisbury Art Centre, UK.
  • 2016 “WATER” GEUMGANG NATURE ART BIENNALE _Chungnam, Republic of Korea, 2016
  • 2015 “On Photocopy/Displacement” 44AD GALLERY, Bath, Somerset, UK
  • 2015 “Step in Stone inside” BLACK SWAN GALLERY Frome, Somerset, UK
  • 2014 “Sculpture Inside”  SCULPTURE BY THE SEA_Cottesloe, West Australia
  • 2012 “Drawn Apart”  PAPER PLANE GALLERY  Rozelle NSW
  • 2011 BLAKE PRIZE_Directors Cut, Sydney
  • 2011 “On the Move”  _Sculpture by the Sea,  ORANGE REGIONAL GALLERY NSW Australia
  • 2010 ARTSITE  Camperdown Sydney
  • 2006 “ReNew06: A Collaboration”  68 HOPE STREET GALLERY  Liverpool School of Art/Design UK
  • 2006 “Under the Influence”  & “Head Turner”  GALLERY IOTA  Ramsgate, Kent UK
  • 2006  “Renewal”  WEST END CENTRE  Aldershot, Surrey UK
  • 1991  AIR SPACE  Redfern, Sydney
  • 1985  WOODLAND GALLERY  Blackheath, London
  • 1983  BRIXTON ART GALLERY  London

  • 2019 GALLERY NSW, Sydney AUSTRALIA _Panel Speaker for: Sydney Sculpture Conference: The Significance of Place
  • 2017 MCA Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney AUSTRALIA_Presentations for: Art & the Environment: Creative Response to Place                     
  • 2015 ISC Sculpture Conference, Arizona, proposal accepted
  • 2015 Presentation STEP IN STONE Somerset UK
  • 2015  Visual Arts Teachers Conference  Scenic World Katoomba, AUSTRALIA
  • 2014 AININ Symposium & Conference TUFI’ ARTES Grand Canaria, SPAIN
  • 2014 Presentation TREE HOUSE Mentoring Group, Bristol UK
  • 2011 WOLLONGONG CITY GALLERY Presentation_Art & the Environment Conference

Through site-responsive interventions, both virtual and physical, I seek to challenge the predictability of expectations and ‘cultural homogeneity’ by creating metaphorical spaces and environments that explore the anxieties and insecurities of the Anthropocene Era. My research/practice aims to create experiential encounters with place through deep listening and reflection through themes of ‘earth-cry’. I aim to nurture visceral relationships with ‘country’ through all senses to encourage an empathic understanding of our entangled and inseparable connections within our natural environments highlighting our responsibilities as custodians and not destroyers; inspired by Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and their profound spiritual connections to ‘country’. 

2022 IMAGO INSECTA – A Relational Immersion Collaborative essay for 					      WEAD-Women Eco Artists Dialog, with ZAC-Zest Artist Collective

20/10/22 Illawarra Mercury_Article about my project for Sculpture by the Sea 
21/10/22 Sydney Morning Herald_Review project for Sculpture by the Sea_Bondi

1/11/22 The Illawarra Flame_Bunker Down at Bondi_Review for project SXS 

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