Nomadic City: portable containment

MATERIALS: timber, heavy duty copper insect mesh, galvanised brackets, plywood, indigenous trees in ceramic pots, timber furniture, soil, grass seed, fake grass.

Commissioned by EDEN GARDENS_Eden Unearthed 2017

_MG_6467 PHOTO BY Gary Grealy
this photo by Gary Grealy


The oasis created by Eden Gardens offers an ideal situation for this site-specific intervention contained within the boundary of its hedge-lined courtyard. These timber structures are suggestive of habitable temporary shelters offering a space for reflection, day dreaming, escaping from the intensities of urban living. The copper mesh creates a Faraday’s cage, a protective barrier blocking electromagnetic/radio waves, creating an Internet free space. But these transparent walls and arrangement of the shelters are inaccessible to the viewer and evoke notions of vulnerability and insecurity. This work continues my research into exploring displacement narratives and nomadism while reflecting on the increasing pressures of Sydney’s urban consolidation, the property market and questions the value of ‘home’.

DSC00108   DSC00164

DSC00090   DSC00130   DSC00089   DSC00063

DSC00229Show finishes February 2018


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