“step in stone” Mendip’s Quarry Project 2

Fairy Cave Quarry nr Oakhill, Somerset, UK

Terra Firma 1.sm“Terra Firma: there’s no place like home”
Sally Kidall 2015

Materials: transparent nylon fabric (organza), bamboo, hazel & silver birch, furniture & household items, fabric, soil, wheat & runner bean seeds & nuts, casting soap, string, sand, rocks.

21 varying sized transparent fabric tents are supported on raft type structures and are arranged in part concentric circles. Some rafts are mounted on wheels to appear like trailers while the others sit grounded to their site. Each tent contains various growing manufactured items supporting their own narratives, from grass growing clothes on hangers, to growing table and chair settings, to sawdust coated teapots and leaf coated glasses, coffee pot and cups. The smaller tents contain soap castings of toy cars, wheels, incandescent light bulbs and electric plugs etc, while bamboo ladders support sprouting runner bean plants

“Being part of ‘step in stone’ has given me an ideal platform to explore, through making site-specific works, my fascination for contemporary commemorative memorials. These Mendip quarries in themselves commemorate the regions valuable contribution to the industrialisation of Britain. I aim to stimulate conversations and awareness about the values and impacts of quarrying and the future security of the Mendips and its communities.”

Terra Firma 9.smTerra Firma far viewTerra Firma big tent3.sm   Terra Firma coffee pot trolly.sm   Terra Firma dress.sm   Terra Firma ladders5   Terra Firma bulbs2   Terra Firma ink bottles2   Terra Firma Coffee new.sm   Terra Firma big tent new 2.sm   Terra Firma glasses new   Terra Firma big tent2.sm   Terra Firma ink bottles   Terra Firma big tent.sm   Terra Firma tools.sm   Terra Firma dress2   Terra Firma glasses   Terra Firma bulbsx3.sm   Terra Firma plugs.sm   Terra Firma teapot.sm   Terra Firm Coffe new2.sm

Video Observation

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