A Fortunate Life, part I & II

Materials: transparent fabric, salt, salted outfits
Old Sydney Hotel, HILL END, NSW
Commission for THE END FESTIVAL 2017                                                              


Sydney Hotel, Clarke Street, Hill End, NSW

This site-specific work investigates the psychology of gold fever and acknowledges its tragic downside while reflecting on our modern day society’s addiction to over consumption and the impacts on our natural resources. It celebrates Hill End’s successful gold mining history while investigating the psychology of gold fever and the desire for wealth. In the 1870’s Sydney Hotel was in the heart of Hill Ends booming commercial centre. Clarke Street was lined with pubs and shops offering endless opportunities to spend this now found prosperity. In turn this installation reflects on our modern day society’s addiction to over consumption and materialism, emphasising the increasing values place on natural resources and highlighting water as: ‘gold of the future…’ “In the marketing society, we seek fulfilment but settle for abundance. Prisoners of plenty, we have the freedom to consume instead of our freedom to find our place in the world.” Clive Hamilton.

Photos by Karl Schwerdtfeger  Karl Schwerdtfeger Website


KS2_8116   KS2_8118   KS2_8109

KS2_8120   KS2_8134   KS2_8126

KS2_8121   KS2_8129   KS2_8131

KS2_8178   KS2_8187   KS2_8144

KS2_8164   KS2_8181   KS2_8161

KS2_8189   KS2_8174   KS2_8165

KS2_8109   KS2_8128   KS2_8118      

KS2_8192   KS2_8117   KS2_8191

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