Sculpture by the Sea 2013

Nomadic City: lest we forget II
Sculpture by the Sea 2013
Bondi NSW Australia
sxs 2013Nomadic City: lest we forget II  
Materials: clear plastic, hessian, soil, grass seed, bamboo, strings    

This is a commemorative work, ‘lest we forget’ inviting the viewer to participate and engage with the escalating world issue of community displacement and global survivors, whether caused by catastrophic climatic events, social and religious conflict or economic collapse. This work is informed by issues relating to the adaption of humanity to a new society of nomadic communities forced from their homes to relocate and survive a life of insecurity, vulnerability and an endless search for home.

Thank you to Sydney Water for their Environmental Subsidy Award!





SxS2013_1b SxS2013_2 SxS2013_3 SxS2013_5 SxS2013_6 SxS2013_7 SxS2013_8 SxS2013_9 SxS2013_10 SxS2013_12 SxS2013_13 SxS2013_14 SxS2013_15 SxS2013_16 SxS2013_17


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