Wollongong City Gallery 2012

The Grass is Always Greener
Wollongong City Gallery
Wollongong NSW Australia 2012
Grass is always greener4

The Grass is Always Greener  2012

Materials: timber chair, clothing, suitcase, window, photograph, timber ladder, wire, sand & salt

‘Local Currents’  WOLLONGONG CITY GALLERY NSW, Australia 2012

This site specific installation occupied a corner of the Wollongong City Gallery.
A theatrical setting for a displacement narrative. Each component is encrusted in salt with a ladder leading to an unclear destination, a window frame supporting the photograph that inspired the ladder (taken from a Kiev roof top) and a melancholy setting with a chair, suitcase & hanging outfit as if ready to leave, but possibly been left behind…..


Grass is always greener1

Grass is always greener9 Grass is always greener8 Grass is always greener5 Grass is always greener4a Grass is always greener4 Grass is always greener3 Grass is always greener2 The_grass_is_always_greener_SallyKidall_2012

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