Sculpture by the Sea 2012

SXS image 2012

sxs4sxs3 sxs8  sxs6 SxS image2

In the Bag: Time will tell II
Materials: timber chairs, hessian, soil, wheat seed, sand, plastic, kite wires & solar lights

This is the second set up of this site-specific ephemeral installation, reminiscent of a prehistoric stone circle/monument, consists of twelve timber chairs encased in their own thick transparent plastic bag and arranged in a circle. Each chair supports a live grass growing seat and as the grass photosynthesises condensation forms & drips within the plastic bags creating a ghostly presents to the work. This would be directly linked to the changes in temperature and the time of day. As evening falls solar powered lights illuminate each bag. This installation will change over the course of its display as always with my work the outcome is inconclusive but this is key to the works concept.

“The more we have the less we own” Meister Eckhart






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