“step in stone” Mendips Quarry Project 1

Westdown/Asham Quarry nr Chantry, Somerset, UK

Lest We Forget_shadow view_new

 “Lest We Forget: is enough enough?”

Materials: timber chairs, plastic bags, fabric, soil, wheat seed, rocks, string, water

This site-specific environmental installation consists of two large concentrically arranged circles of clear plastic bags placed comfortably within this post-industrial setting. The work is a contemporary interpretation of memorials and commemorative monuments and appears reminiscent to a prehistoric stone circle. The larger bags stand tall, each encasing a chair with a grass-growing seat. The larger circle will consist of 12 water filled, pyramid shaped, clear plastic structures. As the grass photosynthesises and the temperatures change, condensation forms and drip within the bags, creating a ghostly presents to the work. This installation changes over the course of its display as always with my work the outcome is inconclusive.

“The more we have the less we own.” Meister Eckhart

“Every increased possession loads us with new weariness” John Ruskin;

SM Lest We Forget 16Lest we forget distant view-ian_cut

SM Lest We Forget 14   SM Lest We Forget 7   SM Lest We Forget 8a   Lest We Forget_chairs_ new

Lest We Forget_chairs_new   Lest We Forget_puddle_new2   Lest We Forget_puddle_newLest We Forget_detail_new   SM Lest We Forget chair3   SM Lest We Forget chair2   SM Lest We Forget chairLest We Forget_pyramid_new   Lest We Forget_pyramids_new   SM Lest We Forget pyramid 2b   Lest We Forget_pyramid_new3Lest We Forget_detail_dead_new   Lest We Forget_dead_new   Lest We Forget_detail_dead3_new   SM Lest We Forget distant2


FROME STANDARD 21/8/15: http://www.fromestandard.co.uk/Step-stones-music-adds-colour-quarry-art-trail/story-27639129-detail/story.html
SOMERSET GUARDIAN 16/8/15: http://www.somersetguardian.co.uk/Step-Stone-artists-Somerset/story-26908352-detail/story.html

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